MAI MAI MAI – Δέλτα (Delta)


MAI MAI MAI – Δέλτα (Delta)

Drone, glitch, Techno

Label – Yerevan tapes

A1 εὐφρόνη (euphróne)
A2 Βυζάντιον (Byzàntion)
B1 τετρακτύς (tetraktys)
B2 φυγή (phuge)

The doors of MAI MAI MAI’s shamanic temple open without hesitation or introduction, as Toni C. Who stands behind this moniker answers to our trick or treating by handing us the entire bowl of dark candy before we can even choose what exactly do we want. It might sound confusing at first, how the first track on this album offers eerie drones that mix together with the kind slow and rusty set of industrial beats, but when distant Gregorian chants are added to this witchcraft as well, you finally understand the mind and the matter of these recordings. MAI MAI MAI’s alchemy is enchanting and hypnotizing, as we close our eyes and let every piece of his work take over our doubts. ‘Delta’ is an exotic trip through digital signals and spiritual pulses, and a beautiful, twisted form of nocturnal meditation ceremony.

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