Mira Drevo – Heavens of lakes


Mira Drevo – Heavens of lakes

Ambient, folk

Label – Zhelezobeton

1 Spaces (Prostory)
2 Down the River (Vniz po Reke)
3 Ladoga
4 Horse-Stone (Kon’-Kamen’)
5 Sandbank of Stars (Otmel’ Zvyozd)
6 Lights on the other Shore (Ogni na Tom Beregu)
7 Midnight of abandoned ships (Polnoch Pokinutyh Korabley)
8 Storm (Groza)

I thought for a while before typing the word ‘Folk’ into the genre list for this album for two reasons. First, the genre description is always elusive and vague (unless a certain project is 100% into one specific genre only), and second – There are no folk songs in this album, no songs at all, to be precise and no folk music as well. But there is a reason for my decision, of course, and I will explain it.

Mira Drevo is a project by Skald, a philosophy teacher which centered “Heavens of lakes” on the Ladoga Lake which lies near to his home. The eight tracks, all instrumental and rich with a wide variety of building blocks, from field recordings to winds, harps and synthesizers, stretch out a soundtrack for the exact place and frame of mind of the artist. As the archaic spirit of the geographic place itself mixes with the ambient sounds and different musical compositions by the different instruments, a wonderful phenomenon occurs as new unexpected sounds and feelings surface. Through the almost new age music on ‘Spaces’, for instance, there is a sudden realization of ancient and traditional feeling to the music and I can imagine how I am actually hearing, from the music compositions by Skald, a traditional urfolk ceremony. I can imagine I am actually visiting that lake by the sound waves, and it’s a touching feeling.

Zhelezobeton never misses with the albums it releases, and Mira Drevo is certainly another great album in its arsenal of justified, well made music. And let me just say that this album is limited to 500 copies, so those who run in the fields of this sort of musical stories should act fast.

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