Moon Zero – Tombs / Loss

Moon Zero - Tombs Loss

Moon Zero – Tombs / Loss

Drone, Ethereal, Noise

Label – Denovali

1 Dalyan
2 Endless Palms
3 Winter Dreams
4 Shadow Den
5 Shadow Den [Sun Hammer RMX]
6 Endless Palms [ Zvuku RMX]
7 Winter Dreams [The Cyclist RMX]
8 Endless Palms [Bruised Skies RMX]

1 Youth
2 Nosema Ceranae
3 Lara Witchcraft
4 The Industrial Sadness

What a fascinating release! Denovali offers ‘LOSS’, a powerful E.P by Moon Zero (Tim Garratt), together with the first E.P of this project, titled “Tombs” and accompanied by four remixes to its original tracks. Garrant records all of his music inside various churches, while using different means on order to maintain a unique, mesmerizing aura. Moon Zero’s music begins with an enchanting overview on solitude, with beautiful, vague music that sounds like weeping angels, and then moves on to colossal structures of boiling ambient sounds, from which you can hear the beautiful dancing songs of ascension.

The mystical circulations that are being looped and feedbacked again and again create a soft wave that turns into a ecstatic avalanche as the music reaches the many peaks that Garrat has thoughtfully placed throughout the two E.Ps like a gardener who puts extraordinary seeds in the ground. On some powerful highlights one can almost hear the heavenly singing of church organs playing their self centered hymn through the noise of a land crushing airplane’s engine.

Not surprisingly, this is another wonderful release by Denovali records. Check Moon Zero on their website and get this album. It’s available as a double LP (“Loss” E.P only) or as a double CD with both releases.

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