Night Sins – New Grave


Night Sins – New Grave

Batcave, Goth rock, Post Punk

Label – Avant! Records

A1 Playing Dead
A2 Shoot Me Up
A3 Spectral Bliss
A4 The Stranger
A5 Knell
B1 The Eternal Giver
B2 Wild Eyes
B3 Winged Thing
B4 Knife To The Sky

Avant! Records donates this blood gift of an album through dark hands and dark minds. Night Sins opens their new grave so it resembles an open wound, gushing with thick and warm sounding guitars, synths, bass, drums and a tormented singing. The result, in the gloomy shape of this album, sends its shadowy vines of music somewhere between the dark Goth clubs of the dark eighties and the contemporary understanding about where do we go from that old scene in 2013. The songs themselves are well done, engaging and almost saturated with the gray waste of gloomy emotions, and the music, sucking the blood of different sub genres in this field of music, serves as a suitable context to the singing. I don’t suppose there are many copies left from this album, so if you’re a fan of that dark era of Goth music and the resulting, contemporary consequences of it nowadays, be sure to pick this album up.

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