Oiseaux-Tempete – Re-works


Oiseaux-Tempete – Re-works


Label – Sub Rosa & Balades Sonores

1 Nuage Noir (Leopard of Honor Remix)
2 Call John Carcone (Scanner Remix)
3 La Traversee (Saaad Remix)
4 Opening Theme (Ablaze in the Distance)(Dag Rosenqvist Remix)
5 Nuage Noir (May Roosevelt Remix)
6 L’ile (Colin Jhonco Remix)
7 Buy Gold (Beat Song)(Witxes Remix)
8 L’ile (Aun Remix)
9 Ouroboros (Harris Underwater from Do Make Say Think Remix)
10 Bonus Track – Kyrie Eleison (Machinefabriek Remix)
11 Bonus Track – Silencer (Richard Knox & Cyril Secq Remix)

I have a double remix album by a certain band I really dislike. The only reason I own this album is that there’s one remix by ‘Imminent Starvation’, a project I love. So basically in this specific track I am listening to a variation of a song I care nothing about, but it doesn’t matter because essentially I am listening to Imminent Starvation, and not the other band.

On Re-works I am doing the opposite thing. While I know and admire many of the participating artists on this remix list, I am going on an archeological adventure in order to be able to dig out the original spirit of Oiseaux-Tempete and compare it with the driving force of the remixing artists.

Now I have to apologize, as this album has been waiting for a very long time to be reviewed, and only now I find myself writing about it. It was worth the wait, however.

While each remix takes the original music to a different direction, from weeping guitars to funeral marches, there is a cavernous, somber wind howling over each of the eleven tracks, welding them together in gray bonds of melancholy. Dag Rosenqvist creates a beautiful post rock fire from ‘Opening Theme’, Leopard of Honor miraculously combines Hip hop rhythm with dark rituals, Scanner explodes with powerful drones and Harris Underwater gives a bombastic march down humanity’s drain.

Re-worksS brings remarkable remixes in the spirit of Oiseaux Tempete, and provides the listener with means to take this music to different paths. It took me a while, but now I can safely testify in favor of this album’s dignity, power and something new to tell.

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