Opium Dream Estate – Funeral in Narragonia


Opium Dream Estate – Funeral in Narragonia


Label – Seventh Crow Records

01 The Dream
02 Where the Black Swans Die
03 Season of the Wind
04 Visions
05 Lulled to Lunacy (Awaken by Death)
06 Die Toteninsel
07 The Day my Wish was Gone
08 Canto XLV (With Usura)
09 The Widow
10 Novum Navis Stuftorum
11 Song for the dwellers

Something in the crusted blackness of this album, visualized in the cover and coming
into essence through the music, reminds me of Julia Kristeva’s book ‘Black Sun’. Like
the moment when Blixa Bargeled corrects Nick Cave on ‘The Weeping Song’, telling
him it is not weeping that he hears but merely crying, Kristeva offers the important
distinction between sadness and nostalgia or even falling in love with sadness. Where
at first I think I am listening to a sad song, as I hear the singing on ‘Where the Black
Swans Die’ on this fantastic album by Opium Dream Estate, I later on sense that there
is a greater cause to this musical extraction of deep and dark emotions than empty
crying. Instead, there is a ritual of acceptance and deliverance through the delicate yet
profound song writing and execution.

The songs themselves are touching and engaging. In between them dreamy currents
of sound run like the dark rivers of the underworld, carrying acidic dark ambient that
is potent enough to immerse the listener with this comforting cold crust of beautiful,
dreamy chill. I have listened to this album over and over at home and in my car, it
changed the atmosphere in both places and convinced me over and over again in its

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