Owl Glitters – Alchemical Tones


Owl Glitters – Alchemical Tones


Label – Heart & Crossbone

1 Dervishes
2 Journey of the Godheads
3 Mindful of Gems
4 Hakim Sanai
5 Above the Mountains
6 Poets of Shiras
7 Khalifa’s Visions
8 By the Candlelight our eyes welcome glimmers of eternity

Maybe acid is a revelation. If it’s not then either ‘Alchemical Tones’ is a celestial revelation with acid psychedelia in its veins or the other way around. From the first steps of the dervishes on track one to the last glimmers of eternity, Owl Glitters spreads ancient rainbows of shamanic chanting and magical music from the heart of the desert. On ‘Dervishes’ you can hear an astounding cry that declares “I shall rise” over the hypnotic landscape that Owl Glitters call home. ‘Journey of the Godheads’ marches on through illuminated tribalism and ‘Mindful of Gems’ strips more masks and layers in order to become more bestial and ecstatic.

Deeper into the rabbit hole? Well, ‘higher onto the holy mountain?’ would be a more accurate question. There are dreamy plateaus of scorching sun dances and intense drumming and there are far routes of totemic drones and mesmerizing singing all the way upwards. At the end of this voyage I can safely say that this album (a reissue) is easily going to be one of the best albums in 2014.

Certainly a revelation. Certainly.

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