PacificUV – Weekends

PacificUV – Weekends

Shoegaze, post rock

Label – Mazarine records

1. friday night dream
2. funny girl
3. just4kix
4. baby blue
5. i’m here (but it’s not me)
6. ballerina
7. saturday night dream
8. high
9. be my only shallow love
10. going home
11. sunday night dream
12. unplug me

PacificUV brings twelve stories of disintegrated relationships in a solid album that merges together the dreamy shoegaze music with more up to date surrealist post rock engines. Combined together, the bittersweet ‘Weekends’ offers a digital melancholia that stretches its arms towards both the alienated and the warm. They do it well, make no mistakes, and they well should, as they have been making music together for the last twelve years, and even if at parts of the album I am encountering parts that I do not personally like, I have to admire the proficient and agile moves between the soft and cozy songs to the violent, noisy drones. This is not some maniacal abusive father maneuvers, but rather a convincing usage of all the colors available on PacificUV’s painting equipment. I had a discussion about this ability with a friend not too long ago, and where we are trying to find our angry footsteps, these guys walk as gently and as fiercely as they want to.

My favorite song is ‘Unplug me’, which takes the role of the distant ballad that PacificUV plays at closing time at the end of their album. It’s slow and manages to remain intimate even through the use of a specific sound effect on the singing, which makes it detached a little. At first I think about some pop songs using a similar effect, but something doesn’t fit in my mind, and then I realize it’s actually closer to things done by Skinny puppy. Whatever the influence may be, it works well over the church like pads and warm drones, creating a touching, very good song (not unlike others on the album). Overall this is a pretty good release, where PacificUV proves its members know how to do the right things in order to spark lights even at darker corners of the mind.

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