Petrels – Flailing Tomb


Petrels – Flailing Tomb

Post rock, Drone

Label – Denovali

1 We are falling into the heart of the sun
2 Thangen after dothe
3 Orpheus
4 L.Caution I
5 L.Caution II
6 L.Caution III

It has been a long while since I last heard form Petrels, up until yesterday. Now I play ‘Flailing Tomb’ over and over throughout the house, as if to compensate for all the lost time of absence. Petrels blast the house with gigantic and bombastic anthems, each taken to a different musical and psychological route, right before all of these routes hit my eardrum with dramatic persistence.

The most powerful opus in this album is, of course, the triple dose of L.Caution. This beautiful hammering of battle drums and war flags, all serving as a platform for haunting banshee wailings, thrown together with angelic lights. ‘We are falling into the heart of the sun’ opens the album with heavenly, yet painful hosanna, painting this album with the colors of bliss.

Truly beautiful, this brave album is as exciting and moving as albums can possibly be. ‘Flailing Tomb’ is a wonderful creation by petrels, brought to you by the all giving hands of Denovali records. Get this album and say ‘Thank you’.

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