Rain Drinkers – Yesodic Helices

Rain Drinkers – Yesodic Helices

Ambient, Experimental, Urfolk

Label – Brave mysteries

1 Helix 1
2 Helix 2

The druidic Rain Drinkers arrive with another musical work through the veins of Brave Mysteries. Their shamanistic musical adventures are always a delight, created thoughtfully and merged with, or maybe submerged in, the all engulfing sounds of nature. Although gentle and even delicate, Joe Taylor and Zavier Krall conjure a powerful and charismatic music for the two parts of ‘Yesodic Helices’

The two parts of this album can be considered as a one long (thirty minutes) track, yet Rain Drinkers go through several phases through it’s course. Solemn moments of self reflections in inner gazing are intertwined, through long, ultra low sounds of heavy strings, with tribal infused spiritual highlights. Their story is eventful and meaningful through each step they are taking on this fundamental, spiraled road.

More than anything else, Yesodic Helices is a touching album, full with different ways for Rain Drinkers’ meditative musical reflections. These musical approaches do not collide with each other, and show a holistic creation rather than a fragmented compilation. The result is touching, sensual and insightful, and you needn’t anything else, besides maybe the sharp taste of rain in your mouth.

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