Raindrinkers – The Healing begins now

Raindrinkers – The Healing begins now

Label – Earjerk records


01 You are now starting the awakening process
02 The next phase
03 1+1=0=you
04 Research 617 today
05 Ascension Now

Being a sport, and an obedient reader that I am, upon reading the titles of the tracks and hitting track number 4, I immediately decided to research 617 today. I went to my big brother the Google, and typed. By mistake, maybe, I typed “Research 617” instead of just the three digits number. What I got was the page for Covance GFI Research. I don’t know what’s inside these labs, but I do know that in another Covance laboratory, close to where the members of Raindrinkers live, incidentally, monkeys are being poisoned and tortured by “researchers”. This evil place is a fine reason and justification, even if (probably) unintentional, to bestow a healing process of which the members of Raindrinkers, named Zoe Taylor, Zavier Krall and, mentioned as well, the Holy Spirit, are declaring.

The sounds of pianos, violins, guitars maybe, and electronics begin this ceremonial process in a charming manner, one that invites you to dive into the moist world of the Raindrinkers. It’s a very rich world of beautiful sounds which crystallize into beautiful, tiny melodies, where it seems like soft, yet vivid emotions are being manifested from these tones. Other faces reveal themselves as we move along this album. Vague, dreamy words are spoken over a more laid back, drifting music. It mixes back and forth with heavenly harp, or harp like music, making me drift into a less conscious state, so these words I am hearing will penetrate my mind more easily. This music, a constant magical dawn which seem to grow in intensity, yet magically remain in a steady level of being subtly hinted instead of fully exposed, indeed like a dawning morning, shifts and changes. The side of the Cassette changes and I discover even more surprises.

Now, as the sides changed, I hear a much more solemn music, based on violins and other strings, alongside a lonely piano. On the next track we are taker into a much darker realm, much to the pleasure of any Lustmord Fan. If I thought that this album is rich with sounds and textures, on the first track I heard, now I am facing a much broader world with even more sounds and ideas for me to receive and perceive.

“The healing begins now” is a charming work of music, drifting peacefully, like a shuttle craft through space, from heavenly landscapes to bleak voids, as a silent observer, fascinated by the surroundings more than needing to interact with them. Am I healed now? Perhaps not. But I do feel much better, as these musicians know how to create an exciting, sensual and charismatic musical ritual that it’s going to be really great to come back to every now and then.

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