Rei Rea / Syrinx – Split

Rei Rea / Syrinx – Split

Label – Crater Records / Dark Meadow Recordings

Dark ambient, noise, drones

01 Syrinx – Reunion
02 ReiRea – Gata Doom
03 ReiRea – Tick
04 ReiRea – Ghah Rumors

The mind can only take a certain level of abuse before it starts to break, be it in the form of a catastrophe or in the form of ascension. This split album presents two disturbing musical acts that are probably making an attempt to get to that certain level (well, aren’t we all?) with two distinct approaches. Opening this album is Syrinx with one long track, followed by ReiRea which delivers three tracks. Sounds short? Fear not! This split spans for a little less than one hour, and this lengthy time is well spent between different dark corners, exploring and, yes, Challenging.

“Reunion” begins as haunting as the next dark ambient track would. However, after a short while of the somewhat familiar, soft, yet unsettling drones, Syrinx begins growing more and more hostile, utilizing a well thought of arsenal of eerie sounds that, their dramatic essence aside, conquers the listener’s ears with their total presence. Once the sounds become dense enough to almost be felt on my skin, an ominous beat which can only bring to mind the dreaded sound of a Chinese water torture appears and adds another heavy weight on the struggling listener. By the end of this great track, Syrinx has already shown formidable presence, challenging the next artist with very high standards.

When ReiRea takes place and begins to play on this split, it is done with the bombastic sound of a trumpeting mammoth. Like the slow, forced movement of a gigantic metal monument, the heavy sounds of “Gata Doom”, scraped violently by their creator, try to resist this movement with all of their power, only to create ultra heavy vibrations that are, luckily, recorded. This fantastic opening for ReiRea is a very suitable follow up to Syrinx opening, giving another face to the world that was presented on “Reunion”.

“Tick” continues on this heavy, heavy route, with shrieks that are almost drowning in a boiling soup of reverbed chaos. As minutes pass, the listeners will find themselves buried deep beneath layers of sound and feedback. ReiRea is heavy and tormenting throughout his three tracks, and delivers a rewarding experience. This split between the elegant, yet eerie and ominous Syrinx, and his violent behemoth counterpart ReiRea is a blessed contrast that gave birth to fantastic results.

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