Saison de Rouille – Caduta dei Gravi


Saison de Rouille – Caduta dei Gravi

Industrial metal, industrial

Label – Heart&Crossbone, OPN, Kaosthetik Konspiration, Ocinatas Industries, Cold Void Emanations, Le Crepuscule Du Soir

1 Sur la Chaire des gueules Noires
2 Notre Monde Enfin
3 Hypercephalee
4 Lumiere Irradieuse
5 Soleil Lache
6 Abri d’infortune (Trou Noir)
7 Korpefall

At least according to, no less than six labels are standing behind this awesome (as in full of awe, not necessarily as in ‘cool’) album by Saison De Rouille. I do not know nor care too much for the real reason for this, but I can imagine how this joint release was needed, as it takes, figuratively speaking, that many labels to lift together such a heavy (both in sound and in presence) creation. The slow, metallic hammering that remind the street spirit of Einstuerzende Neubauten with the cold impact of matter over mindless rhythm are unsettling to say the least, but they are far from being alone at the tip of this battering ram. Piercing them like metal rods through dirty concrete are guitars, bass, keyboard and even violin that bring life and sheer beauty to ‘Caduta dei Gravi’. Finally, the vocals themselves, sickening, tormented and tormenting, make each throat straining a memorable, shuddering experience of blessed aural anxiety.

‘Hypercephalee’, one of the highlights in this album (which would still sound beautiful even if this track was somehow missing from its track list) is where it hurts. The electrifying drum hits meld with the listener’s heart beats and create a terrifying, paranoia driven feeling. Scratching the tense surface of the listening ear is a violin that moves like the rusty needle of a seismograph on the day the ground finally decides to claim vengeance. Together, with the rest of the guilty party of music instruments, this track is powerful and monumental, once you immerse yourself in it.

Released on Vinyl only, ‘Caduta dei Gravi’ is not an album to miss if you like challenging your ears, brain and sense of mental security. Grab it lift this heavy dose of valkyrie stealth bomber like antennas to heaven.

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