Sammal – Sammal


Sammal – Sammal

Rock, prog, psychedelic

Label – Svart records

1 Puolikuu
2 Esox Lucius
3 Jäniksen Vuoksi
4 Kaikki Kortit
5 Näennäiskäännäinen
6 Lehtipuiden Alle
7 Jokainen Pysyköön Uskossaan
8 Veneenrakentaja
9 Kylmää Usvaa

The fact that good musical production can sometimes be the key for success means that fans of the golden age of Rock n Roll and Progressive rock will find this contemporary, very well made album essential. The members of Sammal, in their self titled album, bring an updated version of this music, which is half naïve and half infused with the awareness we all have in 2013, that we did not have back then when this music was first made. Sammal will indulge its listeners with rolling rock anthems, boiling guitar solos, acidic psychedelic avalanches and hypnotic singing. I was going to write how while I got this album on files, the best way to listen to Sammal would be through an LP that it was also released on, but then I thought again. If you want to get the full Sammal experience, you should probably listen to them in the middle of a green forest. Not many record players can be found over there, so the usual Discman (is It still usual for you? It is for me!) will do.

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