Sankt Otten – Gottes Synthesizer

Sankt Otten – Gottes Synthesizer

Krautrock, synthesizer music, electronic

Denovali records

01 480 Pixel , Die Ich An Dir Liebe
02 Eine War tet Immer
03 Dies sei t s Vom Jenseits
04 Ich Ver las se Mich Selbst
05 Fast Neu Ist Auch Gebraucht
06 Halleluja, German Angst
07 Wir Sind Deine Propheten
08 Gottes Synthesizer
09 Der Schatten Kann Trügen
10 Die Welt Ist Ja Nicht Zum Aushalten
11 Sterns tunden Der Resignation
12 Thom Yorkes Letzte Grosse Liebe
13 Das Ende Vom Lied

Working together since 1999, Sankt Otten has released numerous albums and eps before joining the ranks of Denovali Records for their fourth full length album. On this release, donning the beautiful artwork of the artist Salustiano, Sankt Otten takes a deeper journey (that has begun on earlier releases) through Synth music of the 70’s and 80’s.

Keeping their sounds warm and inviting throughout the fourteen tracks of the album, Sankt Otten creates vast cinematic monuments of synthesizer music that can relate to either early experiments in synth music, or to the synth pads of the eighties. In either case, Sankt Otten has a professional sound that is very updated and let their own contemporary knowledge and musical experience into the now nostalgic world of music which is three or four decades old.

Among the fourteen great tracks of the album, the one that caught me the most was the title track – “Gottes Synthesizer” which is a long and dramatic part of the album. It begins with a rhythm and feel that combines updated electronic music with the drum machines and synthesizers of the eighties, and as it beautifully develops, it gains a melancholic momentum that did not leave my head for a long time after the track was over. The music is bitter but touching and certainly brings a climax to this interesting album.

Many names can be easily dropped in this article, in comparison with this album. Kalus Schulze, Zombi, Brian Eno and Neu!, but Sankt Otten are well worthy to be heard by unbiased ears. Gottes Synthesizer, while risking the possibility of not reaching to people who dislike synthesizer music, is a very interesting album that holds many interesting moments of intense emotional highlights, and should be checked out for it’s ingredients.

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