Seesar – Flight of Raphtontis

Seesar – Flight of Raphtontis

Seesar – Flight of Raphtontis

Label – Sombre Soniks

Dark ambient, Experimental

1 Call to the Festival 1
2 Child of Yig
3 The Gease of Tsathoggua
4 What the moon brings05 – Call to the festival 02
6 Edler things below Kharkhov Station
7 Flight of Raphtontis
8 Jewel of Dylath-leen
9 Worshipping R’taq
10 Nyralathotep in ten seconds

With nothing but an arsenal of household items, such as shelf brackets, pot lids, and a bicycle, ethnomusicologist Dr. Will Connor’s first full length release is a powerful spectral vision about percussion. The poltergeist-like maneuvering of everyday items into a horrifying composition does really well to ‘Flight of Raphtontis”. ‘Call to the Festival 1’ begins with the blurry sounds of ghosts in the machine, and from there on it’s a terrifying ride down the rabbit hole and into a brave new world of ceremonial odyssey.

The sounds themselves do not sound as concrete as you might imagine by reading the open declaration about pot lids being used as instruments. Instead, this dark, heavy atmosphere seems to be taken straight out of the dim bowls of this wretched earth, manipulated by Seesar and molded into sinister compositions and magical unrest. A fascinating ceremony, ‘Flight of Raphtontis’ is a great starting point for Connor and Seesar, and I am waiting to hear about the next step.

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