Shalabi Effect, thisquietarmy, .cut featuring Gibet – 3X3 – Series Two – Volume Three


Shalabi Effect, thisquietarmy, .cut featuring Gibet – 3X3 – Series Two – Volume Three

Drone, Experimental

Label – [walnut + locust]

1 Shalabi Effect – Impossible
2 thisquietarmy – Mystical Spirit Rising
3 .cut featuring gibet – Une Bien Belle Mort

The label [walnut + locust] offers another exciting episode in the 3X3 series of threeway splits. On this gloomy 3″ CDr we can meet Shalabi Effect, thisquietarmy and .cut ft gibet, who together weave a mystical fabric made from brave glimpses spaced out sound, along with the urban dark cathedral music.

Under the pale moon and deep in the concrete forest of loneliness, these nineteen minutes of cellar meditation and hypnotic wave will take the listeners on an eerie sight seeing within the alien feeling city. Shalabi effect makes metallic grids shriek with the sound of pain, under a brilliant drone of starlight sounds. Thisquietarmy puts us within the ceremony of static interferences backed by low drones that howl like wind through vast underground tunnels. .cut and gibet take us back into the surface with echoing guitars and vague words that heard across the empty road.

3X3, series two, volume three has a spectral sensation to it, with wondrous sound explorations by proficient artists on a perfect musical direction. Find this if you can, and, although it is a rather short release, listen to it when you walk in the shadows of the city. Somewhere beneath the shredded sounds in the album there is the perfect soundtrack for your walk

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