Sieben – Lietuva E.P


Sieben – Lietuva E.P

Electronics, Neo Classical, Alternative

Label – Self released

1 Black Moon rise again
2 Uzupis
3 Cult of the Fallen 2015
4 Knudlustysummer 2015

Matt Howden’s almost angelic voice opens this E.P with the ongoing declaration through looped transmission. “Black moon rise again”, he sings, as his loyal violin slowly merges with the constructed rhythm and electronic sounds into a violent, all forgiving, cloud of noise. This great opening is a powerful statement in a poetic album titled ‘Lietuva’. The music flows onwards, shaped like a tribal ritual of rhythm and sweat under a panopticon of a moon, and Howden’s singing remains determined on the soft spot between the calm and the calamity.

Howden builds layers upon layers of different sounds and instruments in order to realize his vision, and in these four tracks, each quite different from the other, he is wise enough to do this successfully, even majestically, yet daring enough to make the songs sound like they are going to collapse in any moment, resulting in me sitting glued to the screen, listening to this album like it was some sort of a nerve breaking thriller.

This album comes out on June 2nd. If you know Sieben, then you know what you need to do. If you don’t know this project, well- here’s a great place to start. Either way, you need to hear this one.

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