Skin area – Rothko Field

Skin area – Rothko Field

Ambient, Power electronics, drone

Label – Malignant Records

01 Threshold
02 In the skin
03 Rothko Field
04 Hypnagoga
05 Void
06 Hypnagoga II
07 Rothko Field II
08 In the Skin II
09 Threshold II

“What’s left?
The recordings?
The pre-pubertal hissings?
Some baby-teeth?
Clumsy hand smear?”

When Martin Bladh and Magnus Lindh give me time to breathe a little, after a series of insane litanies and painful screams, it happens on the track “Void”, which marks the zero point equilibrium of ‘Rothko Field’. The breathing proves to be hard, and the air I let in and out mix and finally vanishes into the dense and tense thread of sound that pierces through the emptiness in which this duo has lifted itself for refreshment before submerging into the second half of the album.

The schizophrenic sound that waits inside is hinted through the lovely packaging of this album, through the titles of the tracks and through the powerful entrance of the first album to the mind. Among the blood red marked shouts that cry “Don’t know”, probably in order to plant the seed of anxiety deeper inside my brain, the other words and sentences are being shot into the damp air, revealing notions and dark sceneries in such a high pace and thus creates the twisted, claustrophobic scenery for the unfolding show, which is cast into the dark mirrored formation of the following tracks. I hear the words “Sense of fear”, I hear the words “Fear of getting in and out of bed”. What is left from this recording? Only the crazed gaze of Saturn after devouring his son survives the storm. All else, sound and flesh, is gone to the waste.

“Rothko Field” glides through the shadows of sanity and paints a dreamy picture with intense blacks and whites. The slow, heavy drums set the way to the sticky, heavy currents of distorted sounds; and when the tormented voices appear, always on the verge of splitting into two distinct personalities, that is when ‘Rothko Field’ is breaking the skin and penetrating deeper. It’s painful, but this wonderful album is well worth it.

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