Sult – Svimmelhed


Sult – Svimmelhed

abstract, experimental

Label – Conrad sound

1 Jern
2 Doren II
3 Fryst
4 Snylter
5 Uvel
6 Doren I

Sult do a wondrous thing. On one hand they make what you might call ‘Noise Music’, non compromising and very unsettling, and on the other hand – their sounds are brittle and fragile enough to add intimacy to this musical encounter. Tony Dryer, Jacob Felix Heula, Guro Skumsnes Moe and Havard Skaset are working together as an acoustic quartet, creating this abstract, chaotic music with nothing but 2 contrabasses, percussion and an acoustic guitar. We got mysterious moments like the track Uvel, where Sult open up a dialogue between low growls that sound like something really bad is going to be awakened from the deep real soon, and an enchanting ring of fairy magic in the form of high pitched guitar notes.

‘Doren II’, sounds very different. This long exposure to the sound of metal scratching away the nerve system remains on a subconscious level of execution, as if you are hearing the grating sound of some distant terror. Later on into the album you realize that SULT is not about terror at all, yet their collaboration manages to create some eerie reflections while you listen to their music. Overall, Sult offers a refreshing break from electronic devices and takes us back to the acoustic as they erect a beautiful world of alien sounds, some enchanting, some provoking and some unsettling. Try this one out.

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