Svarta Stugan – Aspects of our future selves

Svarta Stugan – Aspects of our future selves

Svarta Stugan – Aspects of our future selves

Post rock, jazz

Label – Self Released

1 Neo Futuristic
2 Street View
3 Damn Good Coffee
4 Drums in the light of Christ
5 Unbirth
6 We Are

Svarta Stugan enlightens my ears with spacey fusion of psychdelia and post rock in an explosion of everything between apologizing pads of sound to unforgiving walls of noise. Beginning with the theatric, yet not modest ‘Neo Futuristic’, you get the picture of the kind of future we are talking about. Giving the main idea of this album the sounds of old synths that miraculously do not sound anachronistic but revealing and bleak, Svarta Stugan does create some magic in the ‘Aspects of our future selves’.

Although “Unbirth” is one of the most Jazzy parts of the album, I find it to be a shining highlight with its slow, muddy progress of crawling, punishing drums and electronic berserk over wild saxophone ride.

While I haven’t heard the first two E.Ps from Svarta Stugan, ‘Aspects of our future selves’ does sound solid enough and self confident enough to recommend this band to fans of astral voyages and colorful space travels. My guess is that Svarta Stugan will create an even stronger impact with longer albums and longer tracks.

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