System Morgue – Feu

System Morgue – Feu

System Morgue – Feu

Drone, Dark Ambient

Label – Zhelezobeton

1 Gardien de la Porte des Tenebres
2 Miroir du Vide
3 Moulin des Etoiles
4 Tranquille
5 Octobre

The brilliant cover art hides a remarkable surprise. “Feu” is the new album of System Morgue, who moves from harsh noise into a more subtle, yet equally intense drone generator. System Morgue lets out warm, hypnotizing waves of sound that find their way into the unstable psyche. Sometimes it is done by the knife seen on the cover, as System Morgue raises the currents into piercing, horrifying sounds, and sometimes it is done by the gentle turn of a key, with more comforting ambient. Slow pulses, like those on the track “Gardien de la Porte des Tenebres”, intensify the tension created by the very precise sonic equilibrium, walking a straight line between utter despair and bittersweet nostalgia. This spiritual journey is an interesting find in a (brilliant! I have already said it!) packaging and a very satisfying label.

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