Testphasen Negativ – The Final Hours

Testphasen Negativ – The Final Hours

Testphasen Negativ – The Final Hours

Drone, Dark ambient

Label – Contramusikproduction

1 That uncertain feeling
2 Like a Moth
3 Dunkelheit
4 Losing Belief
5 Zwischenwelt
6 Zeitloch
7 Escape from Life
8 Sail Away my Beloved Friend
9 Lightless
10 The Final Hours
11 The Last Mile

Dedicated and based on the unfortunate death and departure of friends, ‘The final Hours’ is another emotional and powerful album being released by ContraMusikProduction. Usually (few of the releases from that label, if I remember correctly, are different) ContraMusikProduction releases albums with artwork that not only is made from various photos, but is also printed on photo paper, which gives the entire conceptual packaging an extra emotional value. With the haunting music that never ceases to tighten the nerves, the black forestation in those photos brings up distant nightmares and grief, perfectly matching the atmosphere in my room, who twists and coils into a cold nebula of hypnotic sounds.

The grieving of ‘The Final Hours’ is not only cinematic in structure (like other releases from this project), it is also orchestrated in a proficient way that takes hold of the beating heart and doesn’t let go. Sad and heavy, this album is wondrous and rich in everything from abstract storytelling to vibrant textures and intense impact. More than anything else, the appreciation for this brilliant work reminds me to go back to earlier works of ‘Tesphasen Negative’ that have been collecting dust for far too long on my shelf. Listen to this album with a good set of headphones in order to fully experience this musical conjuration.

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