The Jist – The Jist

The Jist – The Jist

The Jist – The Jist

Noise/ Avantgarde

Label – Va Fongool

1 The Jist
2 The Jist of a loon
3 The Jist of being in between jobs
4 The Jist of having a mosquito stuck in your throat I
5 The Jist of having a mosquito stuck in your throat II
6 The Jist of being Rejected at Watergate

The label of Va Fongool is here again with an insane release, this time it’s ‘The Jist’, with Torgeir Hovden Standal on guitars and Natalie Sandtorv with voice and electronics. Together they create a brutal blitz of playful mayhem and extraordinary voice experiments. Me? Give me artists who tear down their throats in front of a microphone and I’m a happy man, and this album has certainly made me happy. Six tracks of what can only be described as the sound of exorcism, only without the dark notions that usually accompany this sort of performance in music. At times (especially on ‘The Jist of a Loon’) I wonder if what I am listening to is actually on reverse mode or is it the way Natalie Sandtorv actually conjures her inner demons. Nevertheless, this is an amazing album, and I have actually closed the windows down while listening to it, so that people in the street won’t start suspecting as to

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