The Montreal Nintendo Orkestar – D-Rated: The Dinosaur Sex videos – Part one

The Montreal Nintendo Orkestar – D-Rated: The Dinosaur Sex videos – Part one

Experimental, drones, dark ambient

Label – Obsolete records

1 Dr. Thomas Story Kirkbride (Directed by Noe Aubin-Cadot)
2 #2 (Directed by Frederick Maheux)

In the great story “The Kindly Ones” by Neil Geiman, there is a part where one of the characters is talking to someone else, and during the entire conversation the other character is lighting up cigarettes. None of them is ever smoked, only appear, lighted up, and replaced with a new one immediately. On the first part of this DVD there is a brief moment that reminds me of this part in the book, making the entire surrealistic scene appear much more dreamy and intoxicating.

D-Rated: The Dinosaur Sex Videos – Part one, is the latest release by Obsolete records. It’s a short DVD with two short videos and the music by the Montreal Nintendo Orkestar provides. MNO’s music for this release perfectly matches the two videos. The first one, by Noe Aubin-Cadot, is a surrealistic scene, filmed and then reduced (or enhanced. Depends on how you look at it) into a vivid, yet deteriorating animation like vision. The second video, By Federick Maheux, is an abstract, organic and alien display of amorphic movements and beautiful compositions. MNO comes up with a haunting score for the first part, and an equally haunting, abstract piece.

MNO successfully hit two targets with this release. On the first track they create a great form of eerie and potent tune that brings to mind horrific moments in horror cinema, as well as unsettling dark ambient tracks. The heart races with anxiety, as the climax of this track is being kept away from the listener who cannot find calm in this disturbing music. The second part is much more psychotic – An acid blend of demented hints of psychedelia and out of tune piano playing. These two worlds are far away from each other, yet together they bring a powerful album to life, and a dark, but tempting picture that MNO skillfully paint.

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