Thirdorgan / Phoresy – Split


Thirdorgan / Phoresy – Split


Label – [&]

1 Thirdorgan – Discipline08
2 Phoresy – Metridium Senile
3 Thirdorgan – Discipline09
4 Phoresy – Echinocardium
5 Thirdorgan – Discipline10
6 Phoresy – DVM

The elusive label [&], which specialize in all faces of noise music, from abstract echoes to harsh, violent and collapsing walls of abrasive sound, brings forth a split CDr between two dirty and nuclear warheads – Thirdorgan and Phoresy. Together they create a 75 minutes long odyssey through boiling plasma of crushing, distorted soundwaves and alien beacons that do not attempt to focus the listeners and show them the safe way through the corrosive oceans, but instead try to drown them and make them yield to the black magic of both participants on this split.

If we dig to the core of both artists, we face similar brutality in the music. However, Thirdorgan and Phoresy caress their insanely wild beasts with different types of intense catalysts. Thirdorgan sounds so alien at times that I find it hard to decide if this is a vile explosion of dirty sounds, or an attempt for warm communication. The beautiful, bizarre and painful display music makes this project both repulsive and alluring at the same time. Phoresy, on the other hand, has a darker, more mysterious approach to his violent sounds, which makes the listener uneasy even when the music’s flames are lowering.
There is always something exotic in the music that this label releases. If you’re a harsh noise fan, check it out. If not, be advised that these people have left the golden path a long time ago and the things they bring back might be wrapped in pain, misery and hatred, but they have pure light inside them. Give it a try.

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