Thisquietarmy – Resurgence

Thisquietarmy – Resurgence

Drones, post rock

Label – Denovali Records

01 Rebirth
02 Revival
03 Reinassance
04 Birds, Ashes & Fire
05 Whispers in the Trees
06 Mechanical Heart
07 Whirring Brain
08 Summer Isolation
09 Gone the Unseen

Bonus Disc:

01 A Call to Arms
02 Waltz of the Mourners
03 Scattered to the Wind
04 The Black Sea
05 A Spanish Galleon
06 New Dawn Fades

When I break down the latest (I think?) album by Thisquietarmy, kindly brought to my wounded ears by Denovali records, I find a flaw in the methodic, allegedly fail-proof system of defining where the music is good or bad by dissecting and examining its components carefully. This epic, monumental album, when brought down to the details that make it whole, might seem ordinary through the words that can describe it. I can point out heavily reverbed percussion and furious, distorted guitars that bring to mind eighties noise rock, or more atmospheric moments that may hint on other musical directions. In reality, none of these words do any justice to Thisquietarmy and to ‘Resurgence’. The total composition of fifteen tracks adds up to a beautiful and monumental work that is worth way more than the poor description I have written few sentences earlier.

So let’s try a different approach. We are not here to rejoice 100% of our life. When we get too much of the same good thing we tend to get bored, and this goes to music as well. Too many climaxes become a gimmick, and most smart artists would use their ultimate weapon carefully so not to make it too mundane. ‘Resurgence’, on the other hand, somehow does the impossible and diffuses the air with climatic sounds that can last for long minutes, without ever losing their power. Thisquietarmy juggles between these epic moments and create a fantastic tidal wave that mix and crushes all colorful emotions that can be drawn out of this music, imploding them into the bright light of enlightenment.

Every single moment on this album is a beautiful, memorable one, but if I had to choose one in particular it would be either “Revival” or “Gone to the unseen”. These two sum the album pretty well, one being a furious rollercoaster of distorted sounds, while the other adds a vague, hypnotizing singing to this radical escalation. Go get this, gals and guys, ‘Resurgence’ is one heavy diamond!

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