Toundra – II

Toundra – II

Post rock

Label – Music aloud records

1. Tchod
2. Magreb
3. Zanzibar
4. Voland
5. Danubio
6. Koschei
7. Bizancio

For a brief moment it occurred to me. The moments of joy I that I was receiving from II, the (second, I guess) album by Toundra, were related to an entirely different musical project. Years ago I stumbled upon a beautiful album by Imminent Starvation, who infused hostile, rhythmic industrial beats with warm, touching melodies. The musical genre is, of course, very different, yet I find these kind of moments, where the soft and mellow locks horns with the harsh and energetic, as they overwhelm each other, to be the eyes of the seven storms in this album – The moments where Toundra becomes clearest.

Circling around these moments is a powerful post rock album with explosions of bass, drums and guitars, which at time are even marvelous. There are some oriental sounding influences at points, other more western and familiar, and overall – a pretty good show, even to someone who is less in touch with this sort of music ever since Panopticon by ISIS came out. Toundra stays focused and in shape, not sounding tired one bit from ‘Tchod’ to ‘Bizancio’. Fans of this music will find it hard to resist their music, as they crush and caress their audience with their instrumental music.

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