Various artists – 15 shades of white


Various artists – 15 shades of white

Neo classical, Dark Ambient, Experimental , Drone

Label – Dronarivm

1 Anne Chris Bakker – Paths (For Robert)
2 Talvihorros – Etude V
3 Kreng – Temperance
4 Ben Lukas Boysen – Vega
5 Aaron Martin & Christoph Berg – Until Tomorrow Then
6 Sophie Hutchings & Peter Hollo – Closing In
7 Jacaszek – III (Pleq remix)
8 Marsen Jules – Endymion´s Sleep
9 Ian Hawgood & The Green Kingdom – With Me
10 Orla Wren – Fibres And Threads
11 Kaboom Karavan – GeMoetKlaarZien
12 Marcus Fjellström – Something Comes From Nothing
13 Strië – Lascaux
14 The Frozen Vaults – Hard Frost Fields
15 Olan Mill – Chiral
16 Tobias Hellkvist – Plus Minus Zero (Piano version) – digital bonus track
17 Zvuku – Giving Up Letting Go – digital bonus track

The timing of conclusions is a very important aspect to consider, and it’s a good thing that the end of the year happens in winter and not, for instance, in the middle of the summer. The label Dronarivm has handed us the summary of 2013, and it comes with beautiful white ribbons of winter in it. ’15 shades of white’ is characterized by a general cold, slow and slightly brittle manifestation of a proper cold, in the shape of seventeen tomahawks of winter. Please note – the album itself contains the first 15 tracks, while the remaining two are available as digital bonus tracks.

The resulting tracks are varied and diverse, up to the point where the connecting line between them is purely conceptual. This makes this compilation album a very successful one. We can take, for instance, the fourth track by Ben Lukas Boysen, titled ‘Vega’. It combines soul piercing drones that reveal themselves later on as powerful cello sounds, guided by spectral hisses and firm, yet sublime grasp on the listener’s mind. Jacaszek’s ritual, on the other hand, is an enchanting experience, combining twisted strings, eerie ambient and beautiful female singing. I am writing about completely random tracks in here, since really – every track of these seventeen parts has its own magic and essentiality to this album. Dronarivm opens seventeen channels to seventeen cold worlds, and although it’s going to be a long journey, I would love to get to know these contributors more.

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