Various Artists – 30.2 – Electronica, Experimental and Noise from Africa


Various Artists – 30.2 – Electronica, Experimental and Noise from Africa

IDM, Experimental, Noise

Label – Syrphe Records

1 Omar Raafat – Film Abyad W Eswed
2 Omar Raafat – Egyptian Heritage
3 Ynfl-X – 17 Grey
4 Kwerk – Thud
5 Ynfl-X – Phreak
6 Kwerk – Obdurate
7 Mehdi Halib – OrienTales
8 Mehdi Halib – Volume 3 Base C
9 Ujjaya – Slow Trance
10 Ujjaya – Dead Sea
11 Victor Gama – Mensagem A Luanda
12 Patrick Lombe – Nuit Du 31 Décembre (Extrait)
13 As Is – #2
14 Hohner Comet – No Name
15 Hohner Comet – No Name (From Koulouna Gaze)
16 Victor Gama – Jetstream

To me, this important release not only carries a well packed compilation of intense, worthy and meaningful music, but it also introduces me to artists who live so close to where I live, yet so far away in means of culture and politics, which is never a good thing. Focusing on the bright side, which is so beautifully shining, we have some brilliant artists on this album, revealing a well made mixture of IDM that so delicately dances between tribal and urban, mind boggling Electronica that expands the horizons concerning our view about what we can do with sound, and, my favorite, crushing noise that is also enlightening, not only tormenting.

While Hohner Comet is the artist that grabbed my attention the most, the ten artists have all brought remarkable music, with no single second in which I thought to myself – “Ok, I get it. Next.” Syrphe records has this talent to pick the right artists and create memorable compilations that urge me to try and look for more music by their participants. Get this. Get this now.

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