Various Artists – Ave Atque Vale – A Dark and folk compilation

Various Artists – Ave Atque Vale – A Dark and folk compilation

Various Artists – Ave Atque Vale – A Dark and folk compilation

Dark/Neo Folk

Label – Seventh Crow Records

1 Die Among Strangers – Lancelot & Elaine
2 Utopiae – My Clouds
3 Death of a Dryad – Oblivion Thorns
4 Les Jumeaux Discordants – Horus
5 Dark Awake – Epi Thanaton
6 Autumn Shade – Marionette
7 Chiffre L – So Quiet
8 Muindragon – The Light
9 Paul Roland – The Crimes of Doctor Cream (New Version)
10 If Sleep and Death be Truly One – Despair II
11 Rosa Voragine Submersa – Elizabeth
12 Moonccat – Silly Games
13 Shaita – Seiromem
14 Arduinna – Stiricidium De Profundis
15 The Last Hour – Oblivion
16 All My Faith Lost… – Drowning (No Faith Mix)
17 Opium Dream Estate – Novum Navis Stultorum

Seventh Crow Records presents a dark and utterly gloomy compilation of seventeen different bands; all summon grim realizations through somber romantic songs and enthusiastic militant calls. I have already written about Death of a Dryad, and about Opium Dream Estate, and this compilation gave me the chance to be introduced to other artists in this grim field of music.

I think my favorite track is “Lancelot & Elaine”, as it drew me into its thin arms with bittersweet melancholia, manifested in soft singing that is wrapped inside sincere guitar strings. I am not sure if “Ave Atque Vale” is the perfect album for days that are at least planned to be good days, but otherwise – you should check it out if you are even remotely into music that is a soundtrack for desperation.

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