War / Lust for youth – The Glass House Etiquette split 7″

War / Lust for youth – The Glass House Etiquette split 7″

Dark wave, Electronic, rhythmic

Label – Avant! Records

A Lust for youth – Denial , Veronica
B War – Somme, maggio

This split 7″ by Avant! Records brings together Elias Bender Rønnenfelt and Loke Rahbek, who together form War, and Lust for youth (I think I have said that before, and if I didn’t then I will say it now – it’s a great name for a band!). This combination works wonderful for the two acts, who share their love for home made loops of electronic sounds and echoing voices.

The loops, playing over and over, provide a sonic umbrella to the other sounds and developments that are created by either War or LFY. When more sounds are added to the endless, recursive loops, they sound as if they resonate from the main body of sound. This is what gives both tracks their power, in my opinion, as they sound hermetically formed and tight, instead of fragmented into a composition. Each of the tracks, while evidently composed of many elements, sounds as one complete unit.

‘The glass house etiquette’ gives a small stage for each of the bands, who use it well to provoke the taste for more. It would be interesting to hear a complete album by each of them (especially ‘War’, which I haven’t heard before) and see how this kind of music can hold for longer durations of time.

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