Wedding – On beyond Yuggoth


Wedding – On beyond Yuggoth

Power electronics, Noise, Drone

Label – Brave Mysteries

1 Darkly Splendid World
2 Mountains of Mashu

Brave Mysteries’ black wedding on beyond the Yuggoth, what a way to enter the unforgiving night time. This mysterious packaging holds a full on implosive and dark litany in the Lovecraftian form of spiritual brutality. These thirty minutes of infamous, possessed and wild electro-violence are merged together by means better left untold with painful vocals that sound naked and touching for a brief second before exploding into a punishing, hostile demonstration of throat destruction.

In the fine tradition and methodology of Brave mysteries’ releases, ‘On beyond Yuggoth’ is enriched with ecstatic, mystical lore that gives an extra baggage of musical virtue to the necessary, heart hitting, primitive sounding power electronics. The result is a glimpse look into the archaic, where fascinating magic held hands with the primitive noise making. What can I say? It works, and it’s a beautiful and powerful trip into the darkness through totemic noise.

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