White Hex – Heat

White Hex – Heat

Darkwave, folk

Label – Avant! Records

A1 Stranger Love
A2 Holiday
A3 Nothing Comes
B1 Desperate Heat
B2 Waves
B3 Ice Cold

What a nice treat from Avant! records. Assembled on 2011, Jimi Kritzler and Tara Green chill the blood with surreal darkwave music for the somnambulists and the delirious. Their E.P, bearing the misleading title “Heat”, showcases their elegant dance around the dark and cold regions of whatever Twin Peaks like space that they had drawn for themselves mainly through cold guitars and distant singing. Both of these music elementals are going through a thorough ceremony of burial under a sea of reverb that sends this westerns influenced exotica back into the batcaves of the dark eighties. It’s a cold delight that White Hex deliver in six songs.

After showering their heads with compliments, I do think it is going to be a welcomed challenge for this duo to produce a full length album. The twenty minutes of “Heat” are really good, but I sense they would need to add something else to their blend in order to make a full length album that will serve as an interesting stage for their music. I am looking forwards to give a listen to the result, and so far I can say that White Hex has impressed me a lot with their cold, primitive and distant chants.

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