(((Witxes))) & Dale Coper Quartret and the Dictaphones – Split

Witxes Dale Coper Quartret and the Dictaphones – Split

(((Witxes))) & Dale Coper Quartret and the Dictaphones – Split

Doom, Jazz, Drone

Label – Denovali

1 Le Strategie st Frusquin – Dale Cooper Quartet and the Dictaphones
2 Pisces Analogue – (((Witxes)))

Not to plant any manipulative ideas in the minds of other artists, but I unprofessionally think that minimal and brown artwork for albums is the best choice of a release and also the good indicator for a great album. Yeah I know, I have already written that this opinion of mine is unprofessional, but what the hell, so far I’m (almost) 100% right, I mean, I should have at least hidden that horrible brown thrash metal album I have somewhere on the shelf, but while I don’t even remember the name of the band, I clearly remember how the album looks. Anyway – my point is: this split album between the behemoth Dale Cooper Quartet and the Dictaphones and ethereal (((Witxes))) is a beautiful example of how I am right on this theory of mine.

DCQATD and (((Witxes))) put together a brittle equilibrium between the gargantuan rumble that shakes the very floor on which a twisted, mystical saxophone is howling like a rabid jackal and the cold currents of somber analogue waves of golden age psychedelia in five minimal movements. How does this work together? Far better than expected, especially when Pisces Analogue explodes in a brief and sudden glitch eruption that shakes off whatever feeling of spiritual elevation you might have had from it until this very point. Pisces analogue moves from airy turbulences into pulsing electronica in different phases of dark/dream ambient and more persistent beat and it is in this beat that this track touches the DCQATD track “Le Strategie st Frusquin”.

DCQATD opens this great split with the emergency shriek or with the interstellar drone, depending on how you decide to look at it. The slow beat, like heavy paces through a metallic elevator that is sinking fast towards the belly of the beast, keeps ‘Le Strategie st Frusquin’ highly unsettling and nerve-provoking. Witnessing this holy orgy of painful drones and ground shattering pulses, I sincerely wonder what more could you possibly ask for.

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