Xavier Kraal, Ian Adcock, Jerry Mcdougal – Taigheirm II


Xavier Kraal, Ian Adcock, Jerry Mcdougal – Taigheirm II


Label – Shifting sands congregation

Taigherim II is a blessing. This twenty two minutes long, yet endless ritual between three sides of a rotating triangle is enchanting, horrifying, forgiving and ill bringing at the same time. These three wondrous sides for this creation are Xavier Kraal from the mighty Rain drinkers, Ian Adcock of Second family band and bass player slash tube amp guru Jerry Mcdougal, and as they play together their names and musical backgrounds evaporate into thin fumes of smoke over a wide chalice sinister musical whispers, metallic
shrieks that pierce the mind into utter numbness, majestic drones and mysterious string paradoxes.

There are two possible climaxes to this wild conjuration. The first stands few minutes into the track, with the horrifying howling of sirens that are shaking the foundations of my apartment. The second climax, few minutes before the end, is a calm and balanced oasis amidst the raging strokes of marvelous chaos. Between these two points there is a beautiful ocean of wonders and unfolding secrets that everyone should know. Taigheirm II is a wonderful gem in the collection of sounds by Shifting sands congregation. Find it and grab it.

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