A Wake a Week – Through Line

A Wake a Week – Through Line

Drone, Instrumental

Label – Taalem records

1 Indigo
2 With love
3 Through line
4 Forgetting

In these lovely four short tracks by A Wake a Week we have the sort of musical maneuvering that can easily win my vote. A slow, painful and just slightly dirty drone, changes, with time and the progress through the tracks, into heart breaking piano dirges and moments that are melancholic as much as they are powerful. It does not get monumental and over dramatic, but stays minor and to the point, which is a wonderful choice for the artist.

The most potent moment, if you ask for my opinion in a dime, in the album ‘Through a Line”, can be found in the places where the music goes to heights where it almost becomes too distorted and disrupted. “Indigo” begins with heavy disruptions that remind of a vintage, well used vinyl sound. Further into the album, these droning vibrations dive deep, occasionally reminding the listeners about their destructive potential as they rise to high enough to just a split hair away from piercing the speakers. This tension between the painful and that which inflicts pain creates an emotional motion that stirs the album and gives it a powerful, moving energy. In the end, this beautiful album, blending into one piece, draws its line through sorrow and softness and results in a short, yet meaningful album.

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