Diamond Black Hearted Boy – Father, Protect Me


Diamond Black Hearted Boy – Father, Protect Me

Hip hop, Illbient

Label – Steak Au Zoo records

1 Rise and Fall of DBHB
2 Father, Protect me
3 formulation of the higher p
4 I just wanna be a r#97C57CE
5 Virginia
6 Smog
7 Black on Black Safi
8 I don’t need protection (You)
9 Rnb tracking device fin
10 c20d3.1
11 Architecture
12 Sold sold sold gold gold gold
13 Live by the gun
14 Evil Audi

What a remarkable, peculiar find. Diamond Black Hearted Boy is the project of Chino Amobi, twisting eerie Hip Hop with dark, apocalyptic chants right of the mouth of a madman. Combining the urban sounds of sirens and electronic glitches with godless litanies, ‘Father, Protect me’ somehow manages to be both sleazy and grim, and that’s quite a feat to make.

There are 14 tracks on this album, and while not continuous, they certainly create the feeling of one long creation, made in the dark and far reaches of Amobi’s brain, where industrial loops, endless samples and grim realization about the self and about the great father are being made.

Between street poetry and post industrial anti gospels, Diamond Black Hearted Boy certainly hands out a solid array of charged, bleak music through an interesting and quite memorable album. I am not a hip hop fan, but this is how hip hop music should sound like. Demanding and challenging.

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