Jelena Glazova / Ilia Belorukov – Split tape


Jelena Glazova / Ilia Belorukov – Split tape

Drone, Noise, Experimental

Label – Steak Au Zoo

1 Ilia Belorukov – Live in Alexandrov 24.10.2013
2 Jelena Glazova – Black (Blind)
3 Jelena Glazova – Grey (Frozen Field)
4 Jelena Glazova – White on White (Ostrovsky)

Jelena Glazova and Ilia Belorukov’s different recordings work themselves into one twirling fog in which everything else around these fierce sounds becomes invisible and inaudible. Ilia Belorukov’s live performance is a shamanic quest into the dark and the wild. It begins with an avalanche of metallic darts and transforms into the nightmarish sounds of hive destruction, as insect-like microsounds form tidal waves. Jelena Glazova goes from black to white as she releases drones the dig like worms through the skull. ‘Black’ Begins with blurry forms and as we get closer to ‘White’ through ‘Grey’, these forms become crystal clear, ice-cold and painful to witness.

There is a gentle aura of consolation in this storm. Both Glazova and Belorukov are not hostile with their music, as they are daring adventurers in the grand abyss. As always, Steak Au Zoo’s release promises and delivers a mind opening voyage through alien landscape and alien tour guides.

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