The Infant Cycle – Posthumousness Now


The Infant Cycle – Posthumousness Now

Drone, Dark ambient, Experimental

Label – The Ceiling records

1 Hulls
2 Shiny Again
3 C no.4
4 Ray St.
5 Excedrin Ave.

So it happens that I got an envelope with a death letter in it. Not my death, yet, but the death of The Infant Cycle, a project that is concluding 22 years of life with a strange 3″ album titled “Posthumousness Now”. These twenty minutes are full of heavy, drowning atmosphere, eccentric rhythms and eerie drones, and they come together like a massive requiem.

The deep drones of C no 4. are overwhelming with their density and hidden textures that fold entire universes of sound inside a seven and a half minutes long wave. Excedrin Ave., on the other hand, shows a much more engaging, almost esoteric rhythm of glitches and percussion beats. Between and around them are other forms of monumental sound that is drawn from the darkest bowels of the earth. This cavernous feeling is very powerful on ‘Hulls’, for instance, which really sounds like an unsettling journey into the center of the earth.

22 years! “Posthumousness now” is a rewarding seal for the life of ‘The Infant Cycle’. This has always been a worthy and interesting project, and I can only hope that these final words from its creator will find their way into as many ears as possible.

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