His Electro Blue Voice – Dead Sons

His Electro Blue Voice – Dead Sons

Noise Rock, Experimental, Post punk

Label – Brave mysteries

1 Dead Mice
2 Eat Sons
3 Zum

The thing that’s most important in the ballistic E.P of His Electro Blue Voice, is actually very subjective. I am going to share it with you anyway, obviously, so here goes. Usually, when I listen to music, I tend to choose the slower albums and bands. My favorite rhythm is 0BPM, and it sank to this low level after having my share of insane rhythmic industrial and drill n’ bass albums. I still like these genres, of course, but priorities have changed.

His Electro Blue Voice, however, hit me with the unstoppable “Dead Mice” that begins with a bass line which reminds me of Nirvana’s Sliver. I am immediately interested, and gradually pleased. High voltage energy that fuses together maniacal shrieks with furious singing and music, with mellower, more experimental musical movements, makes this song sound almost like a progressive piece. Thank god, it’s not boring like one, and in fact, “Dead Mice” is a terrific opening for ‘Dead Sons’.

Even more comes later on. The dirty, angry and mesmerizing music gains different momentums on both “Eat Sons” and “Zum”. Closing the album, “Zum” adds heavy psychedelic background to the instrumental track, throwing the last bricks with more style, as the track gets a more punk-ish vibe out of the blue. I feel like I was taken by a storm, and that’s a great thing to feel. In the eye of every storm there is the brief moment of silence and calm, and His Electro Blue Voice only give this moment when ‘Zum’ ends. I then press play once again and let these twenty one minutes of music roll again. Maybe I will be making a sour face over these wild hearts who play this fast music like there’s no tomorrow, but watch me closer and see I am really enjoying it.

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