Northumbria – Northumbria

Northumbria – Northumbria

Ambient, drones

Label – Thisquietarmy records

1 Lux Lunae
2 Threnody
3 Windhorse
4 Black Sea Of Trees
5 Sanctuary

What a great timing. On a quiet Saturday I got to listen to these northern lights, crushing their metallic weight slowly on the listeners’ heads in a way that can make them say thank you afterwards. This is the magic of Northumbria, who lays five sheets of heavy, yet silk like metallic sounds on my welcoming brain, make this experience rich with sonic turmoil and beauty.

Icy and spectacular, “Threnody” (should we take a specimen from this album in order to examine it) is an enchanting, if cold, voyage through the fractal landscapes where Northumbria feels comfortable. When “Windhorse” drifts in, I sense the epic buildup that leads to the crushing, monumental “Black sea of trees”. Whatever track it is that you’re listening to, it can be compared to a hairy mammoth slowly passing the infinite frozen landscape. Sometimes Northrumbia only leaves elegant traces in the snow, and sometimes it crushes trees and rocks in its wake. All you have to do, as a responsible listener, is to stand in awe of the path it leaves behind.

So on this lazy Saturday, I realize I have been listening to this album over and over for six hours or so. When I wake up from this realization in order to take my dogs for a walk outside, I try to envision this huge mammoth passing in the field in front of us, as an attempt to manifest this album in real life. I can’t. The field remains empty, all too empty.

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