O – When plants turn into stones

When Plants Turn Into Stones

O – When plants turn into stones

Post rock

Label – Golden Antenna records

1 Enstanden im Schatten Wie Wasser
2 How Polished Boulders carried us along
3 Lack of interest in things they used to do
4 When Plants turn into Stones
5 Sometimes I forget to Breathe
6 I Offer my Hands to the Shades

O (Circle) will release a touching album on June 6th, in a beautiful digipack CD or LP. In inside it are six tracks that take us to an astral world where heavenly strings mix with mortal senses of loss, creating a life cycle of dark pain and sublime joy. How does it sound like? Take the atmosphere generators of Tangerine dream and Godspeed you black emperor!, and give it the extra twist that is required for a band that follow these groups to sound remarkable. The dreamy landscapes are dotted with profound anonymous conversations and sudden tidal waves of music that grows so intense in mere seconds, that it can make your heart explode.

I have found the first track, ” Enstanden im Schatten Wie Wasser”, to be my favorite in the album, as it opens the journey with a bombastic introduction to the world of “O”, with clear sounds and dark messages. “When Plants turn into stones” is an album to take several times a day. It will make your head hurt, but the pain will be a pain of realization and blissful understanding.

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