Lens – Oneiricist Dubs


Lens – Oneiricist Dubs

Dark ambient, Ritual

Label – Brave Mysteries

A1 Plain Field Dub
A2 Lifted Dub
A3 Just One Day Dub
A4 City Girl Dub
B1 Non-Binary Dub
B3 Don’t Wake Up Dub
B4 Sleep Forever Dub

Tapping deep into the burning mind with vague sounds that sound like, no wait – FEEL like they are surfacing from deep underneath the universe, , ‘Oneiricist Dubs’ is an extreme channeling by ‘Lens’, released on a cassette by the uncanny Brave Mysteries. Unable to sleep, I find the pleasure of meditating into the deep, heavy pulses that come in many shapes and sizes throughout the fantastic album. On parts of the album you can listen to the cavernous heart beats and imagine the probable ongoing dark ceremony that is going on at your neighbor’s house, while other parts mix the blasted, ill bringing bass with insane and esoteric electronic glitches and pitchshifters. Through a pretty unique sound that is conjured on this album, lucky listeners can easily find their way into a series of mental and physical implosions due to the hypnotic, electronic chants of leviathan bass and pulsar, spectral sounds that float in high orbit around it.

Lens creates a terrific world that ages and changes with unpredictable doom swings. If on one minute there is a deep, constant and ghostly pulse that can only come from deep within the belly of the engine room on board of the Titanic, other moments haunting, making the heart pound with the same intensity and almost forcing the mind out of the body. If ‘Oniericist Dubs’ is a ceremony, then the listeners will find themselves both witnessing it as audience and being crushed inside the heaviest of its bells. In my opinion, this is one of Brave Mysteries’ finest albums, and this is a very touch competition to win.

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