Uhushuhu – Long songs Pleasant for Hearing

Uhushuhu – Long songs Pleasant for Hearing

Uhushuhu – Long songs Pleasant for Hearing

Experimental, drone, ambient

Label – Zhelezobeton

1 Surface
2 Underwater
3 Underground

Chewing on my nerves, the high pitched shrieks at the end of the first part of this opus, titled ‘Surface’, are beautifully representing a rusty and tiring descent from the world above to the underground caverns of the world below. Zhelezobeton presents the mystical sounding uhushuhu, with three lengthy descents from the surface to the core of this world. “Long Songs Pleasant for hearing” takes us down down down but not by force. Instead, we sink into this slow elevator, while uhushuhu shows us the landscape and the who’s and who’s of this darkening realm.

“Underwater” is much more magical than the first station from which we started this experience. The sounds – determined and almost spectral, make these nineteen minutes a truly fantastic and mesmerizing dive into wherever we may be, be it really underwater or just a sleeping unconsciousness. It doesn’t even matter because the slow spirals of sound that uhushuhu produces are beautiful to surrender to.

“Underground” ends this voyage with a little more claustrophobic and haunting finale. The shards of slightly distorted soundwaves and boiling oscillators give the distinct feeling of where we all end up in. It’s the underground and it sounds cavernous and dark as it should. Turn the lights out and truly listen to this work. I promise you no regret.

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