Aidan Baker , Leah Buckareff ‎– Breathing heavy breathing

Aidan Baker , Leah Buckareff ‎– Breathing heavy breathing

Doom, drone, noise

Label – Thisquietarmy records

01 Heavy breathing
02 Breathing heavy
03 Breathing heavy breathing

The power couple Buckareff/Baker divide one hour to three equal parts of deep, almost too heavy breathing sessions. Distant metallic movements and haunting waves of sound that I can’t decide whether they are sinister or sublime (or maybe there isn’t any difference?) are being spread like tentacles around the ears from the machinery that Baker and Buckareff employ through these three parts. At the end of the album, as the last track slowly dies out, there is a beautiful, tormented swansong of a slightly detuned melody is the moment all air truly leaves the body of music, leaving behind a monument of towering walls of sound and infinite ringing through its interior metallic complex.

In this three pieces album, Buckareff and Baker do not settle for your normal bulk of drone that is being left to wander on its own for twenty minutes before pressing stop on the recording program. Instead, this living being keep twisting and changing, pulling more tricks from their everlasting hat of musical maneuvers in order to keep the fire burning. So for some parts we travel through echoing shades of accordion sounds, while other parts force us to face the warm wall of sound with our trembling chicks.

The most potent moments of this great album are the long trumpeting sounds, declaring the impending arrival of an audio mammoth that walks slowly and heavily in a one hour long route. We can hear her muscles bending and her bones ringing, while Buckareff and Baker clear the road for her and playing beautiful music to sooth her crushing steps.

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