Blueneck – Repeatitions

Blueneck – Repeatitions

(Post) rock

Label – Denovali Records

1 Pneumothorax
2 Sawbones
3 Venger
4 Sleeping Through A Storm
5 Una Salus Victus
6 Ellipsis
7 Barriers Down
8 The Last Refuge
9 Lopussa

I looked for a more information on Blueneck, and got to a website that didn’t offer much of it except a download opportunity for those who don’t feel like supporting. However, one of the comments on that website was something along the lines of “I don’t like this very much, too slow and too sad”. Well then, you can be sure that wasn’t me writing that comment, as Blueneck hits the spot as far as I’m concerned. The nine songs, all indeed melancholic and slow, work beautifully with the breaking dawn of Christmas day outside my dusty windows.

‘Pneumothorax’ opens the album with a bombastic, beautiful entrance, blending the more abstract sonic landscape of a movie soundtrack, with the painful singing that is structured into the form of a song. ‘Sawbones’ is even more intense, making it clear that Blueneck is going to be high on the top bands in the category that people call ‘moody winter music’ or something similar. That’s nonsense. Listen to this music in the apex of the summer, it will make you feel much better, I promise.

Ellipsis is completely tearing apart with mesmerizing grief, manifested through heavy strings and touching piano. The orchestrated zenith of this song is so powerful it sends shivers as it rises and explodes. The most important aspect of this charged music is that you can believe it. Instead of effects and cosmetics, Blueneck’s music is sincere and naked, and it strikes hard in the stomach when it reaches the numerous potent moments that are based in each of the songs. This is certainly a good album to look for, be it winter or summer. Music this powerful does not need to depend on outside surroundings at all.

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