Thisquietarmy – Hex Mountains

hex mountains

Thisquietarmy – Hex Mountain

Drone, Dark ambient, Post rock

Label – Denovali

1 From Darkness
2 Wraithslayers
3 Digital Witchcraft
4 Spirits in Oblivion

Each Thisquietarmy album on my shelf is another book, revealing the geography and mythology of an alien world, and it feels like the more of Eric Quach’s work, the more you get to see from this fascinating map. This time he takes us on a trip to the Hex Mountain, and his companions for this journey are Scotty Rooney (Drums), Dorian Williamson (Bass, FX), Emilie Bresson (Vocals, FX) and Jeanne Peluard (Vocals, Brass instruments).

The dream-like vibrations of ‘Wraithslayers’ blur the mind enough to forget whether we are climbing up the mountain or sinking down the depths. Curious bystanders who would like to know about the music on this album can get a glimpse from the powerful artwork of Hex Mountain, done by Quach as well, where the vast open spaces of the silent mountain side can be experienced as extremely claustrophobic.

The road to the Peak of Hex Mountain is paved with good, intense drones that can pierce your mind, while distant, sarcophagus voices and dark chamber drum pulses are showing you the way like a great tower of fire through the uncharted kingdom. “Charming” would be a misleading description for these four tracks, as it implies a certain degree of compassion, but I think a more accurate description, towards the affection, rather, would be “Enchanting”, keeping the listener fascinated with an almost paralyzing hunger for the sounds of Thisquietarmy.

What can I say, Denovali records and Thisquietarmy have brought a wonderful, powerful work to life. ‘Hex Mountain’ should appeal to any traveler who is experienced enough through the dense terrains, where you can usually unravel great monuments like those crafter by Eric Quach and his fellow musicians on this album.

Nothing but brilliant.

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