Kinit Her – Living midnight at the Harvest Abbey

Kinit Her – Living midnight at the Harvest Abbey

Ritual, folk

Label – Brave mysteries

01 Living Midnight I
02 Living Midnight II

Troy Schafer, Nathaniel Ritter and Clay Ruby perform a two parts ceremony, titled “Living midnight at the harvest abbey” on the latest Kinit Her release through Brave Mysteries. Taking a more somber face than the ones worn at previous albums, the mysterious, mystical and most exciting trio seems to carry out a public, exotic ritual to be recorded on top of the magnetic ribbons of the cassette on which this album was released.

Clay Ruby, known for his project Burial Hex, among others, is taking care of the keyboards and percussions in this album. You can hear the influence and the infusion of some of the great musical ideas of Burial Hex, doing their way inside the organic body of Kinit Her, resulting with a fantastic blend of acidic, apocalyptic folk and a pulsating burial ceremony. Schafer and Ritter can be heard as they manipulate Percussion systems, horns, synths, saw and vocals, conjuring an obscure world of sound which melts into the rest of the music.
It is the end of the summer, so I hope, as clouds gather and rain falls for brief and sporadic moments. It is getting dark and perfectly suitable for Kinit Her’s album to escort me into calming, sweet night.

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