Kodiak – Kodiak

Kodiak – Kodiak

Post rock, drone, ambient

Label – Denovali records

01 Beginning
02 End
03 Town of machine
04 By the sea
05 MCCCXLIX the rising end
06 Radon
07 Xenon

Kodiak’s self titled album is not just huge in time length, lasting just over two hours as a double album, but also, and more importantly, in the epic and monumental sounds that it holds within its seven intense tracks. Before working on a new series of albums for 2012, this self titled album is offered as a collection of older releases. Tracks from their debut album, as well as tracks from their past collaborations wit Nadja and Black shape of nexus are together forming a heavy monument where Kodiak can express how powerful they can sound.

With every guitar note being hammered down like Thor’s hammer on the foundations of the world, Kodiak reaches some heavy and intense highlights of shattering conclusions to long, powerful and ultra slow progression of drones and ambient moments. On parts of the album you can hear the guest appearances of piano and strings, which are added in the right amount, adding another dimension to the already multi facetted music, instead of sounding like another post rock cliché. “Beginning” and “End” open the album with a beautiful forty minutes long trip between the hellish depth of distorted sounds and the heavenly environment that is sewn together from the distant points of epic, melodic moments. This contrast between the dark and the illuminated is always there in Kodiak’s music, and it surfaces different results on each track. Still on “End”, the slow buildup is finally conjuring a violent storm by the end of the wondrous track.

Other parts of the album are very different. “Radon” is a swarm of vibrating drones that hiss together to become a sinister, boiling cluster of unsettling music. When it finally explodes, as clusters always do, it is done in the form of a miraculously beautiful form of radiant sounds and supersonic emotions. Kodiak’s album is full with moments like this, and even as it is really heavy, it may find its audience uplifted by the music it delivers. Varied and always to the point, this is indeed a great album to get to know Kodiak, and to make you look forward to what they are planning for next year.

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